Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan in StockholmFor the next stop on our healthy days tour, we’ve come to the land that introduced the world to the wonderful combination of meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberries: Stockholm, Sweden.

Like many of the other European cities in our tour, Stockholm is a charming, quaint metropolis with canals, pedestrian bridges, and all kinds of boutiques and restaurants. Fourteen different islands make up the city; each one with a distinct vibe. From modern shops and buildings to medieval-esque neighborhoods, there’s plenty to do and explore when in this historic city.

While there are tons of ways to get around, the metro or bus system are the recommended modes of transportation.

With that said, here’s your healthy guide to Stockholm:

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Kick off the day with breakfast at Café Grand Rue, a charming little breakfast spot in the heart of Stockholm.
  • Workout: Rent a bike at Bike Sweden and go for a self-guided tour around the diverse neighborhoods of the city.
  • Lunch: Refuel with a delicious lunch at Eriks Bakficka, a bistro-style restaurant that’s serves everything from bean chili to spicy salmon. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the reindeer meat!
  • Mind/Body Balance: Make your way to Djurgarden island and visit Rosendals Tradgard (Rosendal’s Garden) for a stroll through the gardens. View the seasonal flora and even pick fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Must-See Attraction: Also on the island is Skansen, an open-air museum that dates back to 1891. The area features over 150 Swedish buildings that were brought to Skansen to be rebuilt, providing a glimpse into how the Swedes lived in the past.
  • Dinner: Let’s visit the elegant tavern, Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh. You can try the traditional Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes (it’s your first night – we’ll be healthy the rest of the time. Promise).

Day 2

  • Breakfast: Visit Wayne’s Coffee for a light breakfast.
  • Workout: Go for a jog or fast walk around Berzelii Park.
  • Lunch: Although the menu changes daily at Wedholms Fisk, you’ll be sure to have the freshest produce, meats, and seafood, such as the halibut or cod.
  • Mind/Body Balance: Take a boat tour through the Stockholm archipelago and enjoy a beautiful outing while learning all about the city.
  • Must-See Attraction: The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum that’s built around a reconstructed Swedish boat that was shipwrecked in the 1600s. The tourist hot spot is one of the most popular attractions in the area, featuring exhibits about the ship’s history, as well as general life at sea.
  • Dinner: Unwind at the end of the day with dinner at Bla Porten. Try the salmon, brisket, or a refreshing tomato salad with lentils, olives, and cheese.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Have a traditional breakfast meal at Café Albert, which is often a small sandwich with ham and cheese.
  • Workout: If you’re in Stockholm during the winter months, go ice skating at Kungstragarden. Or, visit for the cherry blossoms that bloom here in the spring. Otherwise, a nice walk around the area will do.
  • Lunch: Try the garden salad and seasonal vegetables for lunch at F 12.
  • Mind/Body Balance: Take a guided tour and maybe even see a show at the Royal Swedish Opera House.
  • Must-See Attraction: Although the Swedish King and Queen don’t live at the Royal Palace, the stunning Kungliga Slottet is where they work during the day. And trust us, it’s still worth seeing. Take a tour and view the incredible Royal Apartments and the antique weaponry.
  • Dinner: Try the duck or arctic char and the cheese platter at Den Gyldene Freden.

Day 4

  • Breakfast: Enjoy fresh fruit, a small sandwich, and a cup of coffee at Maruo Espressobar.
  • Workout: Go kayaking at Haga Park and then check out the many attractions, which include a butterfly house and a museum.
  • Lunch: While the menu frequently changes at Millesgarden Lanthandel Café, it often includes a vibrant minestrone soup, salmon, or pork dish.
  • Mind/Body Balance: Take a peaceful walk through Millesgarden, a gallery and sculpture garden that features famous artwork of the Swedish sculptor, Carl Milles.
  • Must-See Attraction: The Nobelmuseet is a museum that focuses on Nobel Prize winners. View the history of the recipients, as well as short films, gifts, and interviews with laureates, such as Ernest Hemingway.
  • Dinner: Try the duck or lobster soup (or the smoked reindeer!) at Kryp In Gamla Stan.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Visit Baresso for coffee and a three-egg omelet. Keep it healthy!
  • Workout: Take a yoga break at Yogayama.
  • Lunch: Hermitage is a great vegetarian spot, so enjoy options such as freshly made hummus, vegetable stews, burritos, and more.
  • Mind/Body Balance: Head back to Gamla Stan (Old Town), which dates back to the 1200s, and enjoy a nice stroll along the cobbled streets, old buildings, and overall historic environment.
  • Must-See Attraction: Gripsholm Slott is everything you thought a castle would be, with its round towers, drawbridge, and more.
  • Dinner: Celebrate another amazing trip with dinner at Mathias Dahlgren, a modern bistro that prides itself on its fast service and fresh whole foods.

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  1. The Millesgarden is fantastic! A soothing about the combination of Art and Nature.

  2. I like this itinerary! And if you’re interested in doing some running in Stockholm, I’ve described 2 routes, with maps and pictures, that you can find here (non-commercial blog).
    Town Center:
    Djurgarten Park:

    Enjoy your time exploring Stockholm!

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