When it comes to adventure travel, the possibilities are just about endless. And while there are places that should definitely be on any thrill-seeker’s bucket list, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few new ones.

According to the National Geographic’s “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List,” here are some of the lesser-known places you’ll definitely want to check out:

The Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea  

Aside from the locals, not many travelers know about the 60-mile Kokoda Trail, which was once the site of a battle during World War II. The trail, which goes through the Owen-Stanley mountain range, takes you through valleys, jungles, rivers, and a few remote villages as well. Walk across log bridges, pass by looming mountains, and take a dip in one of the steam baths.

[Image from WA Today]


When most people think of surfing, they imagine massive swells on the coastlines of places such as Hawaii or Australia. But with over 15,000 miles of coastline, Norway has a surprisingly thriving surf scene as well. The town of Stavanger is particularly known by the locals as a “surf town,” and is peppered with surf shops.

[IMAGE from Fjord Norway]

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

There’s more to Antarctica than miles of ice and snow and penguins—although the cute little animals are definitely worth seeing in their natural habitat. Queen Maud Land is a remote part of the continent that’s a great destination for visitors seeking climbing, skiing, glacier trekking, and more.

[IMAGE from National Geographic]

Trek of the Condor, Ecuador

This five-day route in Ecuador is located between a small town and the Cotopaxi National Park. During the trek, hikers can enjoy local wildlife, including wild horses and deer and beautiful landscapes with lagoons, volcanoes, and the Andes Mountains. Travelers should note that the landscape can be somewhat difficult to maneuver, due to the frequent rainy and windy weather.