Yoga Machu Picchu

Yoga Machu Picchu If you’re trying to stay healthy and fit this year, the idea of squeezing in a workout during vacation might have you a bit stressed. So how can you ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing travel? Make it the focus of your trip.

There are plenty of incredible resorts and spas that place an extra emphasis on fitness and health, and it’s  definitely worth giving one of them a try if you’re tired of the standard hotel gym. It’s a great way to travel, explore new places, rejuvenate the mind and soul, and get in great physical shape.

Before we dive into some of the best destinations around the world, here are a couple of tips:

Do your research and plan your activities before you go. Check to make sure the resort you’ll be staying at offers everything you’re looking for, and most importantly, offers activities at intensity levels you can handle. If you’re not sure what you’d like to participate in, consider a resort that features a variety of classes and adventures, such as surfing, hiking, and yoga.

When you arrive at your destination, ease into your new fitness routine, especially if you’re not used to a significant amount of physical exertion. Give your body a couple of days to adjust to the new environment and activities to help prevent injury and exhaustion. If you’re traveling to a place that’s hot and humid, take extra precaution and begin by working out in the early morning or late evening.

If this still sounds like the type of trip you’d be interested in, here are some of the best fitness-themed vacations of the year:

Wildfitness, Kenya
Located in the fishing village of Watamu, Wildfitness provides a challenging, yet relaxing “fit-cation” for travelers from all over the world. A standard week at Wildfitness includes boxing, running on the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, walks through the countryside, kettle bell training, swimming, treks through palm forests and mangroves, and more.

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, Dominica
While there are plenty of spa treatments from which to choose, the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa will keep you busy with daily scheduled hikes (which vary in difficulty), including ones along the White River and by massive waterfalls. The resort also offers Dominican drumming classes, as well as kayaking and snorkeling in the ocean.

Lucero Surf, Costa Rica
Whether you’re learning how to stand on a board for the first time or are a seasoned surfer, Lucero Surf is a prime destination for those looking for gnarly waves on some of the best beaches in the area. Take multiple surf lessons a day, visit the Montezuma Waterfall, or zip-line through the treetops.

Mountain Trek Alpine Lodge, British Columbia
There are different hiking retreats for travelers of any fitness level staying at the Mountain Trek Alpine Lodge. The Adventure Trek Hiking trip is perfect for advanced hikers and includes stops at hot springs and a variety of fitness activities. The other fitness packages, The Reboot and The Renewal, are less intense programs that offer hiking in more manageable areas. Certain Mountain Trek trips are offered in Mexico as well.

The Yoga Getaway, Machu Picchu, Peru
Located in the Sacred Valley, The Yoga Getaway is an all-inclusive retreat that focuses on physical and spiritual growth and includes two daily yoga sessions. Learn about Peru’s rich culture and history and explore the old ruins of Machu Picchu during guided tours.

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