kitesurfingSurfing, kayaking, and boating are insanely fun water activities, but why not change things up this year?

Considering there are plenty of unique land sports from which to choose, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the same goes for water sports as well. Whether you’re traveling near or far this summer, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for some of these lesser-known activities:

Snuba Diving
A combination of “snorkeling” and “scuba diving,” snuba diving is perfect for those who want to go scuba diving, but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting certified. Another nice perk is that snuba divers don’t have to carry an oxygen tank while they swim. Instead, divers wear masks that are connected to an oxygen tank located on a small raft on the surface.

Dragon Boating
Every year, people all around the world participate in the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which commemorates the life of Chinese poet Qu Yuan. During the festival (which takes place in cities all around the world), people eat rice dumplings and race dragon boats. In addition to bragging rights, the legend says winners get the satisfaction of knowing they’ll have a good year ahead of them.

A hybrid of wake boarding and paragliding, kitesurfing allows riders to wakeboard and glide up to 15 feet into the air whenever a gust of wind comes by. Lessons are available at many beaches around the world. Competitions are also held in various locations for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Underwater Rugby
Although similar to traditional rugby that’s played on land, underwater rugby is significantly safer since people can’t forcefully run into each other when underwater. To play the game, participants wear fins, headgear, and masks, and can move around in any direction underwater.

Sit-Down Hydro-Foiling
This challenging sport is one that’s slowly gaining a loyal following, and videos of people performing tricks might explain why. The sit-down hydrofoil is a variant of water skiing, but provides a smoother ride since the board riders sit on “flies” above the water surface when pulled by a boat. Once the boat is moving fast enough, the rider can do flips, twists, and other tricks.

Hydro Jetpack Flying
For one man, riding a jetpack vicariously through James Bond wasn’t good enough, so he created one of his own. And now anyone can try it too—the hydro jetpack, which is attached to a tube that pumps out pressurized water, is worn like a backpack, and allows riders to move forward, down, or up 30 feet into the air.

Photo from Active Azur.


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