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ebola virus NBC newsA heads up if you’re traveling to western Africa – the Ebola epidemic that has continued to grow for the last few months. Now, in an effort to get ahead of the spread of the deadly disease, 11 African nations are working together to stem the epidemic.

As part of the plan, the World Health Organization is setting up a “sub-regional control center” in Guinea, where the outbreak started earlier this year. The plan calls for better surveillance and case reporting, raising awareness and understanding among citizens, and enhancing communication among the nations. Ebola kills up to 90 percent of the people who contract it.

The outbreak of the virus is the deadliest in history. As of July 6, there have been 844 reported cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, including 518 deaths. Symptoms mimic the fly at first, but sufferers often have both internal and external hemorrhaging, and can die in just ten days.

Travelers should monitor the Centers for Disease Control website for travel alerts.

Image from NBC News.


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