DentalIt’s no secret that most dental treatment comes with a hefty price tag, resulting in many people avoiding dental visits altogether. There is, however, a trend where individuals choose to leave their home country to travel abroad to have work done on their teeth for a cheaper cost. But what are the risks of dental tourism?

Health and safety
Many dentists are concerned that patients travelling abroad for treatment will not be met with the same infection control, patient care and health and safety guidelines found in the west, where strategies are in place to protect the patient in the event of complications. For example, in many second and third world countries, root canal files are simply autoclaved and reused. Yet, even after being autoclaved, these used files can still contain infectious microorganisms and should be discarded.

Dental experience
There is also a worry that dentists abroad don’t have the same level of experience and training as they do in places like America and Europe, causing a higher risk of complications.

Insurance and compensation
Patients going abroad for treatment such as Simpli5 orthodontics are often unaware of their rights regarding insurance and compensation. Some insurance companies only cover emergency treatment which is carried out in the home nation, and some only cover procedures carried out outside of the home nation, meaning that non-essential dental treatment is not covered and you could end up paying more than you bargained for if something goes wrong.

Don’t prioritize money over health
Travelling abroad to get cheaper treatment could mean that you’re prioritizing your budget over your health, and this could result in spending even more money repairing damage from treatment that has gone wrong.

Guest Author: Richard Buckley of Harley Street Orthodontics.


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  1. Yes, there are some unscrupulous medical practitioners overseas that’s why it is important to get enough information to make the right choice . If you DO YOUR RESEARCH before you go, and preferably get some advice from a reputable medical tourism facilitator , having a medical procedure overseas needn’t be any riskier. Making an informed choice is very important for each patient who are planning to do their treatment overseas.

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