ZermattRemember the days when the world was consumed by a polar vortex and it seemed as though winter would never end? The days when you actually longed for the warmth of summer?

Well, don’t say you never got what you wished for. Now that we’re at the peak of summer and it’s day after day of blistering heat, you’re probably already dreaming of cooler days. While you can’t exactly force Mother Nature to change her ways or speed up time, there is another option to temporarily escaping the summer heat: traveling to a colder destination.

Forget the tropical locations so many love flocking to for vacation; for you, it’s all about cooling off and exploring the milder climates of the world. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling getaway, here are some of the coolest destinations to consider:

Newfoundland, Canada
Not too cold and not too hot, the average temperature in this Canadian province during the summer months is anywhere between 64 and 70 degrees. Sounds wonderful, right? This charming little fishing village features a variety of attractions, both natural and man-made. From icebergs to national parks to a fishing museum, Newfoundland is a great spot for the outdoorsy adventurist.

Bruges, Belgium
Another city along the sea, Bruges features a similarly mild climate to Newfoundland; the average high temperature in this Dutch city only reaches about 71 degrees. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the city, including the quaint, charming houses, the intricate political and spiritual buildings, and the winding canals. And there’s plenty to keep you busy. Go for a cruise along the waterways, tour through one of the dozens of museums, and explore the numerous historic sites of Bruges—and stay cool while doing so.

Galway, Ireland
If you’re looking for a destination that’s a tad bit cooler, but not Antarctica-cool (although you can go there too), consider a trip to Galway, where the average summer temp is 60 degrees. Break out those light jackets and sweatshirts and take a hike through the city’s national parks, play a round of golf, or explore historic castles.

Zermatt, Switzerland
Dreaming of the days when you can once again strap on your snowboard or skis and hit the slopes? Head to Zermatt, where the average temperature in July is 56 degrees and the Swiss Alps are open for business. When you’re not shredding down the beautiful snowy mountains, be sure to check out the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Matterhorn Museum, and Forest Fun Park.

Photo from Firefly Collection.


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