Top surfing destinations

Top surfing destinationsSome vacationers like to sit under a palapa gazing at a beautiful beach, while others prefer to step off the dry sand and shred some gnarly waves. If you fit into the second group, these surfing destinations will get your heart pumping while still giving you the opportunity to take in natural beauty.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Jeffreys Bay’s slogan is “Home of the best right hand surf break in the world.” This spot was made famous by the 1966 surfing cult classic “Endless Summer,” not to mention that it is the host to the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing competition. Jeffreys Bay, which known for its long, fast barrels off an intense point break, is one of the top surfing spots in South Africa. This surfing destination, also known as J Bay, is divided up into the sections Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards and Supertubes. Dude, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t go here.

Siargao Island, Philippines
This tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea is known for its fishing, beaches, rock pools and waterfalls, but is most famous for its surf. Adrenaline junkies head to Cloud 9 at this destination for the powerful, short, hollow, predominately righthand reefbreak, which has put it on the international surfing trail map.

In the South Pacific, Samoa boasts warm, crystal clear water and beaches that cater to both experienced and intermediate surfers. The surfing has been compared to the beauty of Indonesia combined with the power of Hawaii, minus the crowds. Samoa’s Coconuts draws surfers for its classic wave, which breaks over top of live coral.

Teahupo’o, Tahiti
Also known as “Chopes,” this destination in French Polynesia is renowned for its spectacular waves that seemingly appear out of nowhere. The waves are hardly noticeable until they drag over the shallow reef, morphing quickly into 12 to 15-foot walls of water. Teahupo’o, which roughly means “head with no hair” or “place of heads,” hosts the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti Surf Competition.

Tavarua Island, Fiji
This heart-shaped island is considered a world-class surfing destination. Tavarua Island is the home to Cloudbreak, located about a mile off the coast of the island and accessible by boat. Such massive surf is produced at the spot that sometimes tow-in surfing is the only option.

Bali, Indonesia
What makes Bali a surfer’s dream destination is the full force of southern ocean swells direct from the Antarctic. Two spots in Bali, Ulu Watu and Kuta, are well known by surfers around the globe. Ulu Watu is famous not only for its professional-grade waves, but it is also the home of to the oldest Hindu temple in Bali. Kuta Beach caters to surfers of all levels, including beginners who can learn from numerous surf schools here.

Byron Bay, Australia
When down under, surfers flock to Byron Bay for its cluster of surf beaches, including Main Beach with its reliable right and left-hand beach breaks. The Pass is another iconic Byron Bay break, known for long, peeling right-handers. This break can be more challenging in bigger swells, but it is typically a great spot for surfers of all abilities, especially long-boarders. Beginner surfers shouldn’t shy away from this spot – it’s home to several surf schools for those looking to learn and strengthen their skills.

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