Grand Palace Statues

Grand Palace StatuesFor the next stop on our five healthy days tour around the world, we’re visiting one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in Asia: Bangkok.

The thriving capital of Thailand is a bustling paradox filled with historic and stunning Buddhist temples and modern architecture and buildings. Although the crowded city streets and warm climate can be overwhelming to some, you won’t want to miss out on the diverse culture of Bangkok. From golden Buddha statues to a mall that contains nine floors of shops and five-star restaurants, there’s plenty to do day and night in Bangkok. And it’ll be an experience unlike any other.

Just as a heads up, stick to the Skytrain and the Metro to get around the city.

So here you have it, your healthy itinerary for five days in Bangkok:


Breakfast: Kickoff your trip with a delicious egg breakfast and coffee at Kuppadeli. (At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, eggs are popular breakfast items in Bangkok, so expect to eat them frequently!)

Workout: Go to Velo Thailand and take a cycling tour around the city.

Lunch: Stop at Eat Am Are, a popular steakhouse in Bangkok. You can’t go wrong with a healthy portion of steak, but they have grilled chicken and fish steak available as well.

Mind/Body Balance: Visit Wat Arun, also known as the “Temple of the Dawn,” which is named after the Hindu God, Aruna (God of Dawn). Wat Arun is particularly stunning at sunset, so you may want to time your visit here appropriately to catch it at its peak. The temple is covered with mosaics and is considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

Must-See Attraction: The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and is the former home of the Kings of Siam. There are a number of rooms worth exploring, but the most popular attraction is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses a 17-inch emerald Buddha statue.

Dinner: Try the delicious pad Thai dinner (noodle-based dish with a peanut sauce) at Thip Samai.


Breakfast: Try the poached egg with salmon or another breakfast dish at The Coffee Club.

Workout: King Rama IX Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Thailand’s capital. Go for a jog or long walk along one of the many trails. Be sure to pass by the flower gardens as well.

Lunch: Despite what the name suggests, there’s more than drinks served at The House of Beers. Try one of the hearty salads or go for the steamed mussels.

Mind/Body Balance: Enjoy a new perspective of the city during a sightseeing cruise along the Chao Phraya River.

Must-See Attraction: The Bangkok Art and Culture Center is a great attraction for travelers. Although it’s fairly new, the center features a variety of art including paintings and live performances.

Dinner: Grab a table at Fuji and dine on sushi.


Breakfast: Get ready for the day with half boiled eggs and a cup of coffee at Jok Sam Yan.

Workout: Named after Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal, Lumphini Park is the biggest and oldest park of its kind in Bangkok. If you get there early enough, you may be able to participate in the daily group Thai chi lesson. Or, take a paddleboat for a ride around the man-made lake.

Lunch: Enjoy authentic Thai food at the Secret Garden.

Mind/Body Balance: Relax at the Spa 1930 with a scrub and/or massage.

Must-See Attraction: Try not to drop while you shop at The Siam Paragon, a massive shopping mall that has nine floors of shops and upscale restaurants. There’s even an aquarium (Siam Ocean World) that’s home to over 30,000 sea animals and an opera concert hall.

Dinner: While you’re at the mall, stop by Café Chilli for a modern take on traditional Thai cuisine.


Breakfast: Try the ham and eggs at Took Lae Dee.

Workout: Attend a yoga session at the Yoga Elements Studio.

Lunch: Refuel with a small plate of pad Thai at Coffee Beans by Dao.

Mind/Body Balance: Wat Pho is one of Bangkok’s largest temples and is home to the largest reclining Buddha (150 feet tall!) and the largest collection of Buddha images in the country. The temple is also the destination for those who want to learn traditional Thai medicine, including Thai massage.

Must-See Attraction: After World War II, American architect Jim Thompson moved to Thailand and revived its silk industry. His home, which is a complex of six buildings, has become a popular attraction for locals and travelers, especially since he mysteriously disappeared years ago. The Jim Thompson House is also a great place to buy Thai silks and clothing.

Dinner: Dinner is served buffet-style at The Rain Tree Café, but with a little self-restraint, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. There are around five different themed buffet bars, including a fresh seafood bar.


Breakfast: As with any breakfast spot in Bangkok, there are plenty of delicious egg dishes from which to choose at the Little Home Bakery and Restaurant. Still, everyone raves about the pancakes at this charming restaurant. So go ahead, treat yourself for the day.

Workout: Take a boxing class at Sor Vorapin Gym.

Lunch: After a filling breakfast, enjoy a fresh salad and fruit cup at The White Flower.

Mind/Body Balance: Take a cooking class at the Baipai Thai Cooking School and learn how to make four authentic Thai dishes.

Must-See Attraction: With over 15,000 shops and vendors, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the biggest outdoor markets in the world. This is a great chance to stock up on some souvenirs.

Dinner: Although the fried chicken sounds tempting at Som Tam Nua, try the Pad Konum Jeen (a delicious noodle-based dish) instead.


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