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Tom Frieden CDCGenerally speaking, when an outbreak of disease occurs, the media fans the flames of panic while officials try to keep people calm. And that has been the case in this year’s epidemic of Ebola. At least until today.

Today, Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Tom Frieden told CNN that the Ebola epidemic is “spiraling out of control.”

Frieden, who visited the center of the epidemic in western Africa last week, said that the global response to the outbreak, while well-intentioned, may be having an adverse impact on containing the disease. Measures to restrict flights and border crossings into the countries facing the outbreak were designed to contain the spread, but Frieden said that they are making it more difficult to get help into the impacted countries.

For travelers, this latest news is further indication of the need to remain aware of alerts around your time of travel.

The outbreak began in December. Since then it has been largely contained in four western Africa – Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Last week, Senegal reported its first case of the disease. So far, the World Health Organization reports that more than 3,000 people have been infected; more than 1,500 have died.

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