MostSerenePlacesAroundTheWorldThe hustle and bustle of everyday life can undeniably cause stress. And that stress can have a negative effect on your health. You know this, right? But I bet you still don’t take enough time to get away from it all and relax.

So we’re here to help. If you feel like you need to get away, there are a ton of destinations around the globe that are known for being tranquil and serene. Here’s a select few:

Bodh Gaya, India
According to Buddhist tradition, this destination is where Siddhartha attained enlightenment 2,600 years ago and became the Buddha, making it one of the most sacred sites for Buddhists and a major pilgrimage destination for centuries. Here, the Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounds what is believed to be a direct descendant of the original bodhi tree he sat under where he achieved his enlightenment. This tree sits in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by protective carved panels with a Buddha statue under it, marking the significant spot.

Loch Loyne Highlands, Scotland
Lose yourself in thought and reflection in the rolling Scottish countryside with views of water, mountains and plains. The natural beauty and panoramic views of the Loche Loyne Highlands are perfect for solitary walks and gentle meditation.

Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como, or Lago di Como in Italian, has become known as one of the world’s most beautiful alpine lakes. It’s surrounded by snow-clad Rhaetian Alps, villas and resort villages. In addition to stunning views for meditation and relaxation, this destination offers hiking paths, boat trips and water activities to work on your physical and mental health.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
The Plitivice Lakes consists of 16 pristine, clear turquoise lakes connected by a series of waterfalls and cascades. They’re surrounded by deep woodlands, populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. The best way to take in all of the scenery here is to walk or hike through it, setting the tone for mindful meditation.

Kata Bay, Thailand
This beach in the town of Phuket is an ideal location for some solitude. Kata Bay is known for its palm trees, white sands and clear water.

The Fells, Finland
Some of the densest forests and most secluded arctic lakes in Europe can be found in these Scandinavian country mountains, which are known as Fells. There is nearly no pollution here due to such a small population of people. The Fells is one of the globe’s best places to hike, cycle and stroll.

A pristine environment of rugged mountains and valleys with a rich and diverse ecosystem characterizes this Himalayan Kingdom. The government here puts a lot of emphasis on the environment and conservation of its biodiversity. It also has a national indicator of Gross National Happiness, so you know this is a great place for “me time” to relax and regroup.

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