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Surfboard YogaStaying fit is easier said than done, especially when you’re traveling. It’s no wonder people are constantly seeking new workout routines and fitness-related activities. Each year, new fitness crazes pop up all over the world in hopes of motivating and invigorating. If they catch on, they can become a worldwide phenomenon—just like jazzercise, Tae Bo and Zumba, to name a few.

Soon we may be seeking out some of these budding fitness crazes in favor of that starting-to-get-boring CrossFit routine.

Surfboard or Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga. What could be more relaxing than yoga on the beach? Waves crash in the background while you move through poses and focus on your breathing. Now take those yoga poses out to the water on stand up paddle boards and you’ve got the latest craze in many countries, including Greece—paddle board yoga. Paddleboard yoga takes balance and focus to the next level as you hold traditional yoga poses on a paddle board in the water. Of course, some poses work better than others, and this new trend isn’t supposed to completely replace your usual yoga routine. But it does complement it and bring new excitement to your workout.

Bokwa. Bokwa is a South African-born fitness craze hitting Ireland. The name comes from a combination of boxing (bo) and kwaito (kwa), a 1990s South African music genre. Bokwa is similar to Zumba but is less focused on dance and more focused on spelling to the beat. You read that right – during bokwa you spell out letters and numbers with your feet to the beat of music. These structured movements give the feeling of dance but don’t actually include counting steps or choreography. It’s a great alternative to many other group fitness classes.

Animal Flow. Animal Flow is taking over the streets in cities around the world. This update to parkour, which is about to hit Bangkok, incorporates animal-like and bodyweight lifting with traditional free running to strengthen core muscles and keep heartrates up. Think crawling low to the ground and covering lots of ground. It’s sure to be more fun than doing burpee after burpee.

Ugifit. Vancouver is the home of the Ugi (you-gee) and Ugifit classes, a new craze that incorporates a squishy, weighted ball into short, intense workouts. The Ugi was developed after its creator, a personal trainer, found an old medicine ball and began incorporating it into her fitness routine. She developed the Ugi, a 15-inch squishy ball that has the weight of a beanbag but bounces back like a stress ball. Ugifit combines hundreds of workout moves for total-body fitness. You can combine hundreds of moves for a 30 minute workout, or cut your workout into shorter intervals to fit your schedule.

Aerial Yoga. Going aerial is the latest fitness trend in Australia. Use a “soft trapeze” to practice inversions (hanging upside down) and work on yoga poses from mid-air. It’s a great way to work new muscle groups while focusing on breathing and control. Once you get the hang of it—no pun intended–aerial yoga helps to release tension, take pressure off the spine and align the body.

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  1. I am always amazed with surfboard yoga. Aside from balancing in regular yoga, you also have to balance yourself in the water which is also quite cool.

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