Being pregnant is a happy and hectic time. In the nine months your baby is growing, you’ll be busy going to doctor’s appointments, shopping for all things baby, and preparing your life and home for a bundle of joy.

All of this running around can make first-time parents feel like they don’t have a chance to catch their breath or, arguably more important, rest before their baby arrives. That’s why babymoons have gotten so popular – couples get the chance to relax, unwind and bond before an infant enters the picture.

While the benefits of a babymoon are important, it’s also important that health and safety be the priority while planning and traveling. Here are tips to plan a safe, healthy and relaxing babymoon.

Consider the timing
The beginning of pregnancy for some women is marked by incredible morning sickness and nausea. And, toward the end of the pregnancy, some women have a hard time getting around due to the size of their belly. Plus, there’s always the risk of going into labor early – no one wants to be far away from home when contractions start.

The best window of time during pregnancy to travel is during the second trimester, around 14 to 28 weeks. At this point, you’re past the queasiness and nausea, but not too big to get around. Plus, some airlines have restrictions about flying in the weeks before delivery, some even requiring a note from your doctor. Make sure you check your carrier’s policy before booking your tickets.

Consider the possibility of medical emergencies
Although it’s scary to think about, medical emergencies during pregnancy are possible. When planning where to go on your babymoon, consider the medical facilities available to you in the destination – how far away is a clinic, doctor or hospital? Do you trust the medical degrees in this destination? And then consider what languages are spoken. You and your partner will have an easier time dealing with an emergency when there isn’t a language barrier.

Avoid stressful arrangements
You’re likely already stressed thinking about the delivery, making sure you have everything the baby will need when he or she is born, and more. The point of a babymoon is to forget about those stressors for a little bit. Help yourself by making low-stress travel arrangements. When you book your flights, look for non-stop flights – you’re not going to want to be running for connecting flights during a layover. If you get to choose your seat, pick an aisle seat to make bathroom breaks easier. If you’re on a long flight, make sure you get up and stretch your legs every hour.

Talk to your doctor
Before booking anything, talk to your ob-gyn about your desire to go on a babymoon. If your physician clears you to travel, it’s unlikely you’ll need a doctor while you’re traveling. Your doctor can also give you advice about any destinations, activities, or foods you should avoid. Your doctor may even be able to recommend places ideal for a babymoon and make sure your trip doesn’t pose any risk to you or your baby’s health.

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