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Lumo liftTraveling has been credited with many health benefits over the years – breaking from the stress of your daily life, relaxing and rejuvenating being just a few of them. But travel can disrupt your healthy routines and make it difficult to maintain optimum levels of health and fitness.

Luckily, technology is on your side. There are gadgets out there that can keep you in peak condition wherever your travels take you – they’ll even fit in your carry on.

Here are some of the best gadgets to keep you healthy and fit on your next trip.

SteriPen water purifier
If you’re traveling overseas and worried about the quality of your drinking water, this gadget will help quell those concerns. This tiny device, small enough to fit into water bottle, uses UV light to sanitize water. In fact, the company claims it’s able to sterilize 16-ounces of water in just 48 seconds. There are a few versions of the SteriPen – one is powered by four AA batteries, one can be charged from any USB device and another one contains a special filter to filter out any sediment in water.

Satechi USB portable humidifier
Airplanes and hotel rooms are notorious for dry air, which can be uncomfortable for a lot of people, drying out their eyes, noses and throats. This portable humidifier attaches to a water bottle or glass of water, plugs into a USB port and then distributes a cool mist into your room.

Lumo Lift
Sitting in the airport waiting for your flight, sitting on the plane for hours, sitting in a cab or bus, and, if you’re traveling for business, sitting in meetings. You spend a lot of time sitting when you travel; if you’re sitting with poor posture, you’ll soon be feeling some serious aches and pains, especially if you’re on a lengthy flight. Lumo Lift is a posture and activity coach. Like the many other activity trackers out there, the Lumo Lift counts your steps, distance and calories, tracking your progress. This alone can push you to get moving.

The unique feature of this device is that it nudges you to fix your poor posture. It can detect your body’s positioning and when you start to slouch, the device vibrates, reminding you to fix your posture.

Netamo June bracelet
When you’re out and about sightseeing or relaxing by a pool or on a beach, you may not realize how much sun exposure you’re getting…until nighttime when you turn into a bright red lobster. Protect your skin with the June bracelet. Not only does it look great with your outfit, but the jewel on the wristband syncs with your device and alerts you when your skin has had too much exposure to the sun. It also monitors UV intensity, calculating the UV index in real time and sending you personalized notifications telling you to apply SPF, which SPF level you should use and if you should put on sunglasses or a hat.

Cordless jump rope
Maintaining fitness while you’re traveling can be tough. Your days are packed with tours and sightseeing and, if we’re being honest here, nothing compares to being able to sleep in and just relax while you’re away from work. But your fitness level and your weight may suffer, especially if you’re staying at a hotel without a fitness facility. A jump rope is always easy to throw into your suitcase, but this device takes your regular ole’ jump rope to another level. First of all, it’s cordless – it consists of two weighted handles, which means you won’t be tripping on it or knocking stuff over in your hotel room trying to use it. It also tracks how many calories you’ve burned, your number of jumps and time, taking into consideration your height and weight.

ThermalStrike heated luggage
Bedbugs are a serious concern for travelers. The only thing worse than being in a hotel room with bedbugs is bringing those critters back home with you. The ThermalStrike heated luggage not only works as your run-of-the-mill suitcase, rolling along with you, but it can kill bed bugs that may be on your belongings. When you plug it in and set the timer, it can reach a core temperature over 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs, while regulating the temperature to keep your items safe. And, when the timer goes off, you can treat yourself to a toasty pair of socks.

What’s your favorite travel gadget?

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