When people set New Year’s Resolutions to get fit or lose weight, it’s usually with the best intentions to get healthier and stronger. Unfortunately, most people don’t end up following through with their resolution – maybe the goal was too vague, too out of reach or you just didn’t have a good plan in place to set you up for success.

If you set a health or fitness resolution for yourself this year and have fallen off the wagon, don’t give up! You can start over with a clean slate and even fit in a vacation at fitness and wellness retreats around the world.

These retreats can help you reboot your workout regimen, a healthy diet and start new healthy habits in beautiful, relaxing locations. Here are some of the best ones.

Sanará, Mexico
This luxury eco boutique hotel is located on Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Its name, Sanará, means “you will heal” in Spanish. Staying here gives you access to a variety of yoga classes throughout the day, guided jungle hikes, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, sight-seeing trips to ancient Mayan ruins, and more activities.

This hotel also boasts a world-class wellness center offering spa treatments, therapies, nutritional and lifestyle consultations, and more. Guests also have the option to partake in the wellness center’s cleanse and health wellness program for three to seven days – it consists of a cleansing dietary plan, consultations and treatments, exercise, counseling and motivational support.

The hotel’s restaurant The Real Coconut Café is right on the beach, serving up healthy dishes, juices and smoothies crafted from fresh, locally grown produce. The restaurant also works with the hotel’s nutritionist to put together juice fasts, cleanse programs, and supplement/elixir detox programs.

Lefay Resort and Spa, Italy
This eco-resort is located at Lake Garda, which is Italy’s largest and most scenic lake. It features indoor and outdoor heated salt-water pools, an indoor 10 percent salt lake, five types of saunas and a crushed ice fountain.

You don’t have to worry about whether your meals are healthy here – the cuisine served at the restaurants focuses on the health aspects of food in line with the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest diets.

Additionally, the Lefay Spa has a menu focused on a tasty, light, detoxifying and healthy way of eating, using simple ingredients and short cooking times. Speaking of the spa, treatments and programs combine the principles of Classical Chinese medicine with Western scientific research in order to restore balance and to rejuvenate the body, soul and spirit. Programs include a detox program, a weight loss program, a program that addresses sleep issues and more.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand
Absolute Sanctuary is a boutique resort overlooking the Cheong Mon Peninsula in Koh Samui, which is known as the island of healing. Here, you can choose from a detox, yoga, Pilates, fitness and weight management, anti-stress and burnout, or spa programs ranging from five to fourteen days.

If your resolution is to get fit, this resort’s fitness program is designed to cater to individuals seeking to improve their fitness level or kick start a fitness regimen. It starts with an initial fitness assessment to determine a program tailored to your needs – from there, the program includes personal fitness sessions, resistance and cardiovascular training, yoga classes, healthy meals and shakes, and healing spa treatments.

The resort also offers a program focused on weight loss – the program uses a holistic approach to guide you toward a healthy life physically and mentally with personal training sessions, cleansing and supportive therapies, a healthy diet, and cooking classes.

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  2. Starting with a Wellness Assessment using the 6 Dimensions of Wellness: Spiritual, Social, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Environmental and Occupational will surely help before visiting these wonderful spas and keep you on track of your goals. Using music and scents for meditation, spiritual or psychic peace, energy and vitality, healing and more can definitely improve one’s personal development and an over all positive lifestyle. Just remember You Are Worth It

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