Stand up paddling

Stand up paddlingIf you’re looking for a way to combine a fit body with a fit mind, you might want to learn more about stand up paddling (SUP). The team at Stand Up Paddle Tenerife prepared this post to share with the balance-seeking, wellness chasing readers of Healthy Travel Blog.

What do you think of when you hear stand up paddling? Many would say it sounds like a difficult – and wet activity. This might be true if you want to become a professional, but for the average person looking for a lighter workout, the experience can bring fitness along with the peace of mind found in open waters and nature.

After learning the simple techniques of SUP and being able to stand up and paddle more deeply into the ocean, you won’t even feel how your muscles are working (that will probably appear on the next day). When you stop paddling and look around you and see that civilization is far away, and you are surrounded only by people who are chilling, just like you, this is the moment when you will be glad that you took this chance to get away from everything to enjoy this time with your thoughts.

Stand up paddling is a combination of activity and relaxation at the same time – the same can’t be said for most sports. SUP companies suggest a lots of activities and locations.We at SUP in Canary Islands, Tenerife, suggest not only daily activities but also a 7 day holiday camp with various SUP activities. When choosing activities, you can make it more challenging by pairing it with other adventures – like hiking few hours and then paddling back to civilization by the ocean, or to try something less intense – you can even do yoga on a board.

If you are considering a wellness holiday, that is a good one.


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