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The EggTravel is a joy and travel and a hassle – sometimes in equal measure. However, you can manage to sway the balance by bringing along the right gear.
The two most important things you can bring on any journey are an open mind and an adventurous spirit, but next on your packing list should be gadgets and accessories designed to make travel less stressful and more fun. This year’s CES introduced both jet-setting travelers and weekenders to some of the gadgets that do just that.

A Phone to Cloud Photo Solution
The Egg is a must have for phone-wielding shutterbugs prone to running out of space. It’s a personal cloud storage device that can connect to your phone from anywhere, making it easy to share snapshots – up to 50,000 – with friends and family back home. Accessing vacation photos is as easy as opening the app, whether your Egg is a foot away or a world away.

A Smarter Suitcase
Bluesmart is a four-wheeled, carry-on-friendly bag that does more than cart clothes. It is strong enough to take a beating in the cargo hold, offers two USB charging stations, weighs itself before you check in, and comes with a built-in tracker. This suitcase can even alert its owner when it’s on its way to somewhere it shouldn’t be going. But if the price tag is too high for you, just make your existing suitcases smarter with Trakdot, a tiny device that lets you know where in the world your bags are at any given time.

Untethered Audio for You or a Party
Zagg‘s Flex Arc headset has retractable earbuds so you can curl up with your favorite tunes wirelessly, or get the party started with external speakers that are surprisingly sweet for such a small package. Don’t need external audio? Bedphones makes a new kind of earbud that sits outside your ear so you can listen to music, hear a bedtime story, or just bliss out to white noise without the feeling of something in your ears. Even better, the Bedphones app senses when you’ve fallen asleep and automatically shuts itself off.

The Phone For Binge-Watching
Netflix and Hulu fans with want to snag the Samsung Galaxy S7, featuring the vacay-ready Snapdragon mobile processor, which has immersive visual graphics, perfect for binge watching on the go. If that isn’t enough to convince you, with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, you can spend less time charging and more time enjoying your trip.

Grabbing these travel gadgets won’t guarantee a stress-free experience, but when paired with an adventurous spirit they can’t hurt!

Happy travels!

Guest Author: Jennifer Thayer is a freelance writer who enjoys covering everything from the hottest tech gadgets to the latest industry news. Follow her on Twitter to see what tech coverage she shares next.

Photo from Eggcyte.


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