As exciting as traveling can be, it can also be extremely exhausting. Between shifting time zones, uncomfortable sleeping accommodations and exerting constant energy, it’s important to get an adequate amount of rest. You can do just that by trying out these tips and tricks to catch some Z’s during your travels.

  1. Block out Distractions

Whether you’re on plane, train or in hostel, a lot of distractions and noises may surround you while you try to rest in between all the site seeing. Bring along some earbuds like Sony noise-cancelling headphones so you can find a place of Zen and fall asleep before your next stop without being interrupted. Additionally, pair them with an eye mask to shut out any obtrusive light that may shine your way and wake you up.

  1. Create Your Own Comfort

As a traveler, you’ve accepted that sleeping conditions may not always be ideal. While you explore a new city and immerse yourself in culture, you can simultaneously create a sense of comfort to allow for optimal sleep. Bring a travel pillow or comfortable pajamas you normally wear to bed. This will help counter the unfamiliarity of a foreign mattress and remind your body of the normal routine you do to get some shut eye.

  1. Prepare for the Time Difference

If it’s possible, prep for the jet lag a few days in advance. This means easing your sleep schedule to match the time zone you’ll be flying to. It’ll likely be hard to adjust the first few days, so try to gradually sleep a little earlier, or take a nap a lot earlier if it’s an extreme time difference to train your body that that’s when it needs to rest. Your body will thank you when you’re wide awake during your travels and able to keep up with the daily or nightly activities without caving into jet-lagged state.

  1. Take a Natural Sleep Aid

Should you not have the luxury of preparing for a different time zone leading up to your trip, which most of us don’t, invest in some natural sleep aids like melatonin. Popping these little supplements might help you catch some Z’s by naturally inducing a sense of tiredness causing you to sleep on that long plane ride or in the hotel when it’s 12 hours ahead of your normal bedtime.

  1. Rest Up Before the Flight

Chances are you’re not going to get a great sleep on the plane, so don’t anticipate that as the place you’ll hit your REM cycle. Board the flight relatively rested so that your body can at least have some energy in the reserves when you get off the plane. This will make up for the exhaustion you might gain if you can’t get the sleep you need during the commute.

Travelling is way more enjoyable when you’re fully rested and ready to take on the adventure ahead. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be energized and set for a great trip!

Guest Author: Jennifer Thayer is a freelance writer who enjoys covering everything from the hottest tech gadgets to the latest industry news. Follow her on Twitter to see what tech coverage she shares next.


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