Business trips can be hugely stressful. Jet-lag, spending a day on a plane only to be back on one within 36 hours, meetings and presentations all pile on the pressure. This can make people feel exhausted and overwhelmed. But things are changing, which can be seen in the rise “bleisure” travel. This mix of business and leisure may well be a step forward for the wellbeing of traveling-workers.

As the importance of corporate wellbeing becomes more well known, holiday providers have begun to offer services which make business travel less of a chore. Business travelers have responded by extending their business trips with a few days of holiday leave, or even taking their family with them, turning a work experience into something much more pleasant.

Hotels such as the Sukhothai in Bangkok and Virgin Hotels in Chicago have responded to this trend with useful features for working travelers. Sukhothai offers babysitting and secretarial services as well as a tranquil spot in the cacophony of Bangkok, so people can enjoy the best of both worlds. Virgin hotels on the other hand has designed a headboard that’s perfect for working on your laptop in bed – a great mix of business and leisure!



Other holiday services like The Hideaways Club offer luxury city apartments in perfect central locations for business travelers, which are indulgent and attractive while also benefiting from quality Wi-Fi and surroundings professional enough to meet clients in. Other accommodation such as The Orchard Hotel in Singapore will do your laundry and shine your shoes – anything to make the life of business travelers easier.


All this bodes well for the happiness and health of business travelers, as hotels and holiday providers begin to prioritize comfort and relaxation over functionality and speed when catering to their working customers.

Guest Author: Holly Ashby is a content writer and illustrator who has a passion for blogging, with interests from travel to film. She is also a member of creative collective ShellsuitZombie, who aim to represent the young voice of the creative industries.

[Images courtesy of: Virgin Hotel- Chicago,   Sukhothai Hotels , Hideaways Club,]


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