In the popular imagination, meditation retreats can be uncomfortable and silent places. Meditating for hours on hard floors and not exchanging two words with anyone is certainly the experience some retreats offer, but this isn’t the whole story. If you simply want a boost to your wellbeing rather than dedicate a week to intense spiritual advancement, there’s plenty of retreats that not only offer you meditation, but fun and relaxation as well.

For example, if you’re planning a city break to London but would like the opportunity to recharge your batteries as well as experience everything the capital has to offer, you could head into the Sussex countryside for a Vedic retreat with London meditation company Will Williams Meditation. Set in a beautiful country house, you can enjoy the pool, meet new people, and bask in English nature.


You don’t even have to plan for meditation to be a major part of your holiday if you don’t want to. Simply do a little research to find out where the local meditation centre is and plan to spend a couple of hours with them. In fact, if you are visiting somewhere like India, this could offer a great insight into the culture and history of the country that you otherwise may have missed. Other services like Reclaim Yourself offer luxury yoga holidays all over the world, from Iceland to Ibiza, that promise a fun group atmosphere and inclusive attitude.

Holidays by their nature were always intended to improve people’s wellbeing, but a combination of jet-lag, over indulgence and hectic sight-seeing schedules can leave people more burnt out than before they left. By ensuring that healthy and tranquil pursuits are a key part of your trip, you can get all the relaxation you need.

Guest Author: Holly Ashby is a content writer and illustrator who has a passion for blogging, with interests from travel to film. She is also a member of creative collective ShellsuitZombie, who aim to represent the young voice of the creative industries.


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