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starter-set-birdseyeI look forward to Thanksgiving every year. This year was no disappointment as I happily realized that the gravy and stuffing that I crave all year are actually worth every calorie. But finding the energy to tackle my shopping on Friday was a little tough. So I went to the basement and picked up my handy Crossropes and got to jumping!

If I had to identify the best thing about Crossropes, it would have to be convenience. It’s a great cardio activity that can be done inside or outside, and requires very little space and only one piece of equipment. This convenience is further enhanced by the handy guide book that coaches you to “jump without limits.”

The second best thing about Crossropes is that the mere appearance of them gets the whole family inspired to exercise! When my kids see me jump roping, they want to as well. And since I have the Crossropes in two different weights, there is an option for them and an option for me. The handles switch quickly and easily so it’s easy to pass the fun around.

The workout you create using the Crossrope system can be great for the core, the legs, the arms and the heart. You can go with a heavier rope or a lighter one depending on your goals: they range in weight from 1 oz to 2 lbs. You can take this workout with you wherever you travel.

With packages starting at $59, it’s a nice item for your holiday list – either to get for others or for others to get for you. Happy skipping!


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  1. Thanks! This is a great travel friendly exercise. I have been wanting to try out jump roping but feel like I need a plan to follow and I see they have an app too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cool present for the fitness fanatic in your life! Thanks for sharing your take on the Crossropes.

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