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They say that two heads are better than one when you’re thinking of new ideas. If that’s the case, then 150 million heads sharing creative insights and flashes of brilliance should be pretty powerful – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Pinterest. Maybe you’ve used Pinterest to catalog home improvement ideas, your favorite new fashion trends or a killer new recipe you want to try. But have you used it for inspiration for your next healthy vacation? If not, stop what you’re doing now and check out the following Pinterest users and boards.

The Travel Tester

Want to get active on your next trip? Eat healthy while traveling? Learn something new at a faraway destination? There’s a board and a pin for that, and Nienke Krook has probably catalogued it at The Travel Tester. Nienke, along with her partner Nick Vullings, is on a mission to help people find happiness and purpose in life through travel. Follow The Travel Tester. 


Jennifer Chong is a photographer from California who captures the places she’s been – and wants to go – in beautiful high definition. Just looking are her shots makes you feel like you’ve been there with her. You haven’t though, so generate some wanderlust of your own and choose your own destination from the hundreds she’s posted. Follow Wanderlust.

Vegan Recipes Around the World

If you’re a vegan traveler, you’ll love this board since it’s stocked with international recipes you can try at home. The best part? They’re full of flavor and none of them include meat, fish, dairy, honey or eggs. You may just be inspired to visit the homelands of these tasty dishes to try them in person on your next vacation. Follow Vegan Recipes Around the World.

Pinterest Vegan Recipes

Polkadot Passport

With “a camera glued to her hands and adventure glued to her feet,” 22-year-old Nicola Easterby invites you to join her at Polkadot Passport to follow her global travels. You’ll find travel tips and gear guides, and ideas for what to wear and how to plan your own adventure. Follow Polkadot Passport.

100 Places to Visit Before You Die

With so many possibilities, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to travel. This board, which includes ideas from a variety of different pinners, gives you a starting point (or hundred starting points). You’ll find pins about destinations near and far – from the best songs to play on your next U.S. road trip to the most popular street foods in South Korea. Follow 100 Places to Visit Before You Die.

Everyone’s Creative Travel Spot

This group board sources travel ideas and tips from travel enthusiasts around Pinterest. Pinners are encouraged to share inspiration from their personal favorite village, city, region or country or “wherever you have been in the Universe.” You’ll find a good mix of personal and professional photos to get your travel juices flowing. Follow Everyone’s Creative Travel Spot.

So before your next vacation, be sure to visit Pinterest, follow these pinners, and do a few searches of your own for some valuable “pinspiration.”


About The Author

Bill Conn is a travel enthusiast and writer at Scribewise. His favorite travel destinations include Shanghai, Vancouver, Munich – and of course, his home town of Philadelphia. Visit

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