Surfing in Costa Rica

Remember The Endless Summer, the film that first introduced us to the excitement of the “surf-and-travel” culture? Bruce Brown’s 1966 classic followed two surfers on their worldwide quest to find the best surf spots. For many surfers, recreating a modern day Endless Summer would be the ultimate vacation. But before you grab your GoPro and book a plane ticket, make sure you know where to go to catch 2017’s best waves.

Costa Rica

Pura vida. Costa Rica’s most famous phrase, “pure life” is more than just a saying – it’s a way of life that every visitor can experience firsthand. Costa Rica is a popular destination among surfers because the weather is beautiful and the waves are consistent year round. Whether a beginner or a pro, Costa Rica is filled with incredible surf spots.

Vacationing with someone who isn’t a surfer? Not to worry. Costa Rica offers plenty of other family-friendly activities. With great food, hot springs, fantastic parks, and (of course) gorgeous beaches, it’s hard to get bored in this Central American country.


From Bali to Java to Sumatra, Indonesia is home to some of the greatest surf spots in the world.  At Bali’s Kuta beach you can find waves for everyone, whether they’re a seasoned expert or just getting their feet wet. For the daring pros, take a trip further south to Nusa Tenggara and try to tackle Desert Point, one of the world’s most legendary waves.

When you’re not busy finding Indonesia’s perfect wave, you can visit the ancient Prambanan and Borobudur temples, wander through Kuta’s famous Legion Street tourist strip, or just hang on the beach basking in the strong Southeast Asian sun.

The Maldives

If you’re up for a bigger challenge, the Maldives is calling your name. An intermediate level of expertise is recommended to surf, though in the Southern Atolls waves can be quite powerful and require even more experience. The best time to surf the Maldives is sometime during the Southern Hemisphere winter, between March and October.

Even if you aren’t an expert surfer, a visit to the Maldives can still be a great getaway. Whether laying poolside at an all-inclusive resort, scuba diving down to see the sunken Maldives Victory, or exploring Male’, one of the world’s tiniest capital cities, there’s always plenty to do.


The only destination on this list featured in the original Endless Summer, Australia has remained one of the best places to surf. Byron Bay is often referred to as both the greatest surf city in the world and the quintessential Aussie beach town. Waves and temperatures are pretty consistent year-round and all levels are welcome.

If surfing isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what Byron Bay has to offer. Known for its relaxed vibe, it’s the ideal place to paddle out and enjoy the sunset or perfect your yoga practice. Whatever you choose to do, you can expect the ultimate chill vacation.


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A lover of travel, Caroline Housel has spent a lot of time studying and working abroad. Her favorite destinations include London, Amsterdam, and anywhere in France.

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