Outdoor Activities in Sweden

If your knowledge of Sweden ends at the innovative consumer products they create and a few pop songs from the 1970s, you should take another look at this Nordic gem when deciding where to go for your next trip abroad. Sweden is becoming a popular travel destination for its outdoor activities and emphasis on mental and physical wellbeing.

Activities like hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and cycling, have been made more enjoyable and accessible thanks to Sweden’s Allemansrätten, or “freedom to roam” – a right granted by the country’s constitution. The passing of this act allows Swedes and their guests to camp, travel, and explore nature wherever they please, all without restrictions. With your free pass to wander, make sure you check out these five can’t-miss summer activities:


As summer begins to bloom, Sweden’s forty country-long trails will be heavily populated with natives and visitors looking to explore the beautiful countryside. These footpaths can provide overnight accommodations, coupled with luscious pastures, pristine evergreens, and shining lakes. The country’s most popular path, the Kungsleden, or “King’s Route,” stretches 285 miles through northwest Sweden and passes by its tallest mountain, Kebnekaise. Other popular trails include the Padjelanta trail, Höga Kusten trail, Skåneleden, and Upplandsleden.

Canoeing and Rafting

If you’re not one for blisters, try exploring Sweden through an alternate route. Sweden’s archipelagos, groups of thousands of islands right off the mainland, provide a paradise for canoeing and kayaking. With over one hundred thousand lakes, uninhabited rocky islands, and thousands of miles of rivers and canals, you’ll won’t have to look far for a new a new adventure. Another popular alternative is rafting down the Klarälven River in Sweden’s southwest. One rafting company, Vildmark Värmland, even offers rafting tours where you can build your own raft before departure.        

Swimming in Lakes

Lake swimming is a popular pastime in Sweden, with lots of options for places to cool off. Whether you’re in Stockholm and looking to take a dip in the Baltic Sea or you’re exploring the south around Sweden’s largest lake, Lake Vänern, the country offers a plethora of clean waters. For the daring, Sweden’s calm landscape also inspires frequent skinny dipping.


Fishing is free along the coastline and in the larger lakes, including Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren. Before your swim in Lake Vänern, you can position yourself on one of 20,000 islands in the lake to reel in a wide range of fish. Tärnaby in the north of the country offers wonderful mountain and river fishing, while nearby Sorsele is a fly-fishing mecca. The U-shaped coastline of Sweden also features a multitude of islands where you can fish for salmon, cod, mackerel, and more.


Sweden is a cyclist’s heaven with hundreds of miles of paths to conquer. Riding your bike is a cheap, healthy way to get around while enjoying the country’s natural beauty. And with their “freedom to roam” law, bikers can stop at any point during the evening and set up camp before starting another expedition the next morning. Additionally, Sweden’s cities provide bicycle lanes for easy maneuverability and quick exploration.

A trip to Sweden is a perfect option if you’re looking for healthy living and a mobile lifestyle. Whether it be on the Kungsleden trail, in Lake Vänern, or around Tärnaby, this Scandinavian country encourages its inhabitants to get outside and embrace all of its natural wonders. If you’re an active person who enjoys beautiful forests, breathtaking lakes, and stunning mountains, Sweden is the place to book your next summer vacation.


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