Family fitness on vacation

Planning for vacation is already a difficult task, so exercising during your trip is often left out of the itinerary. You can, however, avoid taking home a few extra pounds as a souvenir by incorporating exercise into your family activities. Simply opting for active activities allows your family to stay fit while enjoying their vacation and exploring all at once!

Follow these family fitness tips below:

Don’t call the Uber: Research has proven that walking is just as effective for cardio as running. Skip the public transportation or your favorite ride hailing app and walk instead to experience your destination on foot. You can plan ahead by selecting a hotel or resort that is within a decent walking distance of several attractions that you wish to see. This way you and your family are able to get as many steps as possible while also seeing sights you would’ve missed on public transportation

Don’t forget your sneakers: The majority of vacation spots offer dozens of options for tours, so why not explore a destination in a healthy exciting way? Go hiking, biking, rock climbing, or horseback riding. For a real cardio boost, consider booking a bike tour. You’ll get to sightsee at a faster pace, while burning extra calories.

Dive into the day:  For those travelers going to beach destinations, the opportunities for fun, active outings are endless. Most hotels with a beach have rental shops where they also provide lessons. Take advantage of this and try surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or paddle boarding. Renting a kayak and paddling for an hour allows you to burn roughly 345 calories.

See what your hotel has to offer: Many family-friendly hotels and resorts offer fun activities that incorporate exercise. Join in on a beach volleyball tournament or a hula-hooping competition for example.

Step up your fitness: Resist the temptation of taking the elevator and opt for the stairs instead. Small exercises like stair climbing will make a difference over time.

Come prepared: Pack your own healthy snacks. Participating in activities for hours on end will make you hungry. Keep yourself energized and eat some protein or nut bars. This way when you eventually sit down for a meal, you’ll be well-balanced and make healthier choices.

Unplug the machines: Turning off your cellphone, tablet, and computer on vacation gives you extra time to get active. Set a rule for your family about unplugging. No need to go cold turkey and drive everyone crazy – set aside a few short blocks of online time per day so everyone gets their fix.

Get the kids involved: It can be hard to motivate kids to participate in exercise if you tell them it’s time for a workout. Instead, provide them with several options for fun, healthy, and active activities and let them choose. Like most things in life, the right packaging can make all the difference.

Keep the momentum going: If you’re typically strapped for time during your “regular” life back home from vacation, use your time away to create new patterns that you can stick with when you return. This may mean waking up 20 minutes earlier to go for a short walk or jog, or scheduling time every day to play with your kids in the backyard. Explore these options and lifestyle changes while you have the extra time on vacation.

With a little planning, you can make sure your family has a fit and fun summer vacation this year.


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