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One of the greatest attributes of the city of Prague, Czech Republic, is how easy it is to explore and get around on foot. In fact, to get to one site, you end up passing several others on the way there. And for those places you just cannot muster up the strength to get to, you can usually view them from a distance during your walk. Here are 5 must-see sites in Prague you can see while walking from Old Town to Prague Castle.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is historically significant for being the central marketplace in Prague during the 12th century. The square is lined with a mix of Romanesque, Baroque, and Gothic style buildings. It is easy to take the beauty in while dining at any one of the many restaurants, bistros, or gelato places spread throughout the square. Nearly all the streets in Old Town spill into this magnificent square, making it an accessible start to your Prague tour.

Astronomical Clock Tower

This clock tower is one of the main attractions located in Old Town Square and is the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world. Every hour this medieval clock tower chimes with a mechanical procession of figures meant to represent Jesus Christ, the twelve Apostles, and the Skeleton of Death. There are several restaurants right in front of the tower that will give you a fantastic view while you enjoy a meal.

The Charles Bridge

This bridge was built in 1357 and was named after King Charles IV. It is historically known as the only way of crossing the Vltava river to get from Old Town to the Prague Castle, until 1841 when other bridges were added. The Charles Bridge is not only famous for the 30 statues of various saints that line the sides of the bridge, but also the breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Prague. The bridge is also full of street vendors and musical performers.

The John Lennon Wall

Since the 1980s this wall, located just across the Charles Bridge, has been filled with John Lennon and Beatles themed graffiti. Why is that? When communism ruled in Central/Eastern Europe, most western pop music was banned, especially John Lennon’s music, because it talked about the freedom that the government wanted to oppress. Writing lyrics and praising John Lennon on that wall was how the young people of Prague defied the authorities, even though such an act could get them thrown in prison. Communist police would repeatedly paint over the wall, only to have it full of Lennon graffiti the next day.

Prague Castle

This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to 880 and is the largest castle complex in the world. The castle is home to the President of the Czech Republic and has previously housed Holy Roman Emperors. Inside the castle walls, you can roam through the courtyards, gardens, palaces, and museums. The St. Vitus Cathedral, the most dominating building in the grounds and the largest church in Czech Republic, houses the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors.


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