Solo travel is one of the most rewarding things you can do; it provides the opportunity to learn about yourself, other cultures, and leaves you with stories and memories you will carry with you throughout your life.

However, I always thought traveling alone as a female would be difficult, dangerous, and lonely. The reality is that solo female travel is possible as long as you act smart and play things safe. Here are four tips for my fellow solo female travelers to help ensure safe and successful travel.

Pick the Right Destination

Many destinations might fascinate you, but if you’re a first-time solo traveler, select a safe and reliable city for your first trip. This means doing a fair amount of research about crime rates, transportation, language, food, medical care, and friendliness towards tourists. You should also be aware of customs in the areas you’re visiting, as well as the appropriate way to dress. For instance, shorts and a t-shirt may be fine for a day or touring in England, but that same outfit may not work well in the Middle East.

Ideally, I would suggest a destination where people speak adequate English or where you can speak the native language, follow your diet (especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan), and transportation is easy and safe.

Female-Only Rooms

Many hostels provide options for female-only dorm rooms. This provides you with the opportunity to meet other female travelers and can add a level of comfort to your accommodation. However, before booking anything, look at the reviews thoroughly.

Hostel Pro Tips: Location and cleanliness are more important than price, arrive at the hostel during daylight so that’s easier and safer to find, and look for discounts and pre-planned guest activities, which most hostels offer. Lastly, in comparison to Airbnbs, I consider hostels a better option when traveling alone because it allows you to meet people and decreases loneliness. Hostels also usually have a safe for your valuables and a person at the front desk who can provide local advice about the area.

Be Smart

Protect your travel documents, credit cards, and cash everywhere you go by keeping them with you, or in a suitcase/backpack that has a lock. You should also make two copies: one you bring with you, and the other to leave at home. Your clothes should be light, versatile, and basic (and again, appropriate for your destination); you can usually purchase necessities like new underwear or socks as you travel. Be careful when sharing your travel information with others, including where you’re staying. Lastly, trust your gut.Woman in field with flowers


Provide your loved ones with essentials of your travel schedule, such as the addresses, phone numbers, and check-in and check-out times of your accommodations. This is a good precaution in case your phone loses power or there’s no Wi-Fi. I suggest also setting up a check-in system with a trusted friend, where you call them every few days at a specific time and fill them in on any travel changes.

My solo travels are among my favorite trips. When yours is the only schedule that you need to take into consideration, it’s easier to focus on your own interests and see where they take you. I still connect with friends I made in hostels and returned home with a newfound confidence that I never expected.


About The Author

Alissa Valentine is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her other favorite cities include Florence and Berlin, which she explored during her time abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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