There are some places you expect to pay an admission fee when traveling. Theme parks, museums, and national sights all usually require some expense to enter.

But what about paying an admission fee for a city?

This will soon be the case for tourists visiting Venice, Italy.

Why is an Admission Fee Necessary?

Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, over 30 million people visit Venice each year.

Unfortunately, the over-tourism makes it nearly impossible for Venice residents to live a regular life. There are heavy crowds, prices spike during peak tourist times, and visitors can leave trash and litter behind.

To help accommodate the influx of new visitors, the city introduced a “tourist tax” about seven years ago. Overnight guests were charged an additional $5 per night.

But of the 30 million people who visited the city each year, less than one-third stayed for more than just a day trip. The biggest issue was cruise-ship passengers who would visit the city for a day and then board their boat for the night.

This meant the city needed to accommodate millions of travelers who weren’t paying the tourist tax. The new legislation now extends the visiting fee for day visitors.

The tourist tax works twofold. If visitors know they will need to pay extra to visit the city, it might deter them from making the trip. For those who do decide the visit is worth the extra money, Venice will receive cash to support the influx of city guests.

What You Need to Know About the Venice Admission Fee

The new tourist tax will be in effect as soon as Summer 2019, so if you have an upcoming trip to Venice planned, you’ll need to be ready.

Day visitors will pay €3 (about $3.40) to enter the city in 2019. In 2020, that rate will increase depending on the season you visit, fluctuating between €3, €6, and €10 (roughly $3.40 to $12).

The city hasn’t figured out the details on how the fee will be collected, but it’s likely the cost will be covered in transportation costs in travelers’ bus, boat, or plane fees.

This tax doesn’t apply to individuals who are staying overnight or children under the age of six. It also doesn’t apply to anyone working, studying, or living within the city. If you were born in Venice or you’re visiting family members in the city, you also don’t need to pay the day tax.

Overall, the cost of the tax is low and shouldn’t deter you from taking a day trip to Venice. However, the cost of the fee may continue to go up, so you might want to plan a trip to the floating city sooner rather than later.


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