If you’re looking for an opportunity to refine your yoga practice and seriously wind down from the stresses of life, a yoga retreat might be just the thing you need. Not only does a yoga retreat allow you to perfect your downward dog, but it also connects you with like-minded individuals from all around the world. 

But there is one part of going on a yoga retreat that can cause some stress––determining what you’re supposed to pack. 

Depending on the retreat you’re attending, you may be camping, moving from place to place, or staying for an extended period of time, making it difficult to know what you should bring along. Finding that balance between bringing enough but not bringing too much isn’t easy. 

While you’ll want to see if your retreat has any tips or special packing lists, you can use this basic packing guide as a starter. 

1. Layerable Clothes 

During your retreat, you’ll likely be practicing in a variety of locations. One session might be in an indoor studio while another is on the beach. Rather than packing complete outfits for each location, bring yoga clothes you can layer.

Think about the fabrics of the items you’re packing as well. If you’re headed somewhere hot and humid, you may want loose pants or shorts over tight spandex. Consider your environment when making your packing list.

2. A Reusable Water Bottle (with a filter) 

Staying hydrated is key to making the most of your yoga retreat. However, you shouldn’t be using one-use plastic throughout the entire trip. Instead of purchasing a new water bottle every day, bring a reusable one––bonus points if you select one with a filter inside. 

If you’re worried about space, there are dozens of travel water bottle options that roll up, collapse, or shrink when they’re not in use. Find an option that’s easy to travel with and holds enough water to keep you sufficiently hydrated. 

3. Journal and Pen 

Yoga often goes hand-in-hand with meditation. Having a journal and pen handy can give you a place to write down any thoughts, breakthroughs or ideas you have during your retreat.  

A journal can also come in handy if you’re using the yoga retreat as a digital detox. Use it to keep a log of the things you’ve accomplished, activities you’ve completed or goals you’ve reached during your trip. 

4. Travel Mat, Towel, and Props 

The organizers of your retreat may provide mats and props for you to use, but if you’re specific about a brand or item, you’ll want to pack your own. Unfortunately, these items can be bulky and take up a lot of your luggage space. 

Instead of packing your traditional mat or props, look for travel solutions. Thinner mats, lighter towels, and smaller accessories or props can save space. However, always be sure to check with your host to see what you’ll definitely need to bring along and what options they might offer at the retreat. 

Don’t start your yoga retreat stressed over whether or not you’ve packed the right items. While this certainly isn’t a comprehensive packing list, it’s a great place to get started. 


About The Author

Erica is a former digital nomad, having traveled the world as a freelance writer. She is now a writer at Scribewise and lives in Philadelphia. Her favorite travel destinations include London, Prague, and Bali.

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