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Comfort is usually the last thing that travelers think through when planning an international trip. When the day comes to rush through the airport for a multi-hour flight, you may be caught unaware of just how uncomfortable travel can be. With just a few simple accessories, long and strenuous days can transform into more enjoyable journeys from one destination to another. Here are a few ergonomically designed tools to make your time in transit a little bit more tolerable. 


1. trtl Pillow Plus

After a long flight, neck pain will do nothing but exacerbate the fatigue of jet lag and the stress of getting through customs. A key solution is to pick the right travel pillow, especially for flights when you plan on sleeping. The trtl Pillow is the best choice because of its slim, lightweight design and ability to provide key support where needed. The recently-released trtl Pillow Plus is an upgraded version that’s completely adjustable to your body and has added mesh for cooling. When your head is supported correctly, neck pain during and after travel will melt away. 


2. Travel Footrest 

Studies show that propping your feet up during sleep can increase blood flow to your body, help to quell back pain and assist with better sleep. You don’t need to lug around a huge floor pillow to get some relief by elevating your feet on a long flight. A simple hammock that attaches to your airplane tray table is a smart fix for the uncomfortable nature of sitting upright for multiple hours. 


3. Inflatable Seat Cushion 

Every day, 2.7 million people fly in and out of U.S. airports. It’s no wonder that the seats of airplanes feel tired and overused. The discomfort of a constant upright sitting position, especially without proper support, can leave us pained and sleepless on long flights. Inflatable seat cushions are a convenient, lightweight solution to provide relief for your lower back and tailbone. Blown up with just a few puffs, this cushion’s support can be customized simply by adding more or less air. 


4. Flight Flap Phone Holder

In-flight entertainment has come a long way, especially with smartphones in every pocket and downloadable content on the Netflix app. Watching your favorite movies and shows on your phone is convenient, but there is rarely a good way to hold your device that doesn’t cause neck pain or a hand cramp. The Flight Flap is a flexible option that can be set on your tray table or attached to the seat back in front of you, and holds your phone at the perfect angle with ease. 


5. CozyPhones

Good headphones are an essential part of the flying experience, but it can be hard to find a pair that are both effective and comfortable. CozyPhones provide the comfort of a soft headband with the convenience of built-in headphones. Listen to your favorite music to help you sleep or simply enjoy a movie without the soreness that comes with wearing in-ear headphones for multiple hours. As an added bonus, pull the headband over your eyes and use as a sleep mask. 



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Cassie is a healthy travel enthusiast and writer at Scribewise who resides in Philadelphia. Her favorite places to travel are anywhere she can be outside, bring her dog, and eat delicious vegan food.

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