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Roses are red, clovers are green, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day—so here’s what you need! While bar crawls and parades are on the pandemic chopping block, you can still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day safely and cheerfully this year. Here are six healthy ways to shamROCK your St. Patrick’s Day—pandemic style.

1. Make a festive, St. Patrick’s Day themed dish 

The best way to spread holiday cheer? Baking a dish for anyone and everyone you live with. This year, let’s go back to the basics with some Irish Colcannon. As you might know, potatoes are not only a fundamental part of Irish history, but also a primary ingredient in traditional Irish cuisine. This recipe is the perfect addition to every at-home St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

2. Try your hand at Irish Dancing

It’s not a secret that exercise is the key to a happy and healthy life—specifically 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day. But in honor of celebrating St. Patrick and honoring Irish culture, it may be fun to swap out a daily walk with an online video to learn some Irish Dance basics. 

While Irish Dance, also called Irish Step Dancing or Riverdancing, is a traditional dance native to Ireland, there are a variety of health benefits to this form of physical activity—specifically, increased lung and heart health, as well as targeted strengthening of the calves, hamstrings and core. 

3. Go green for the day

Instead of dressing in all of your favorite green gear this St. Patrick’s Day, dare yourself to go green. Especially during COVID-19, when many people are working and living at home, there is a great opportunity to eat organically and sustainably. Not only that, but now is a perfect time to eat locally and support your nearby businesses. If you’re not in the mood to feast on your own Irish Colcannon, have no fear! Just remember to support local businesses that are near. 

4. Curate your St. Patrick’s playlist

Whether you are subscribed to a music streaming service or listen to your favorite songs on YouTube, don’t miss an opportunity to listen to some Irish classics. From drinking songs and folk music to more traditional folk songs like a sea shanty (yes, you may know this term from the viral trend on TikTok), St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a glorious Irish soundtrack.

5. Take a virtual tour of Ireland

To really seal the golden deal this St. Patrick’s Day, escape your current location and let yourself be whisked away to the gorgeous green lands of Ireland with a virtual tour. Whether you are using videos like City Walks on YouTube or using a more self-guided virtual experience like VirtualVisitTours.com, enjoy the beautiful sights of Ireland and all things St. Patrick’s Day without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

6. Create your own clover cocktail or mocktail

This St. Patrick’s Day, the only thing you don’t want to be green is how you’re feeling. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is more important than keeping your body healthy and happy. So be sure to drink responsibly. If you’re interested in some Ireland-centric beverages, Guinness is a dark, dry beer typically characterized as Ireland’s most popular drink. And for those who want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a little more spice, try coming up with your green-themed cocktail or mocktail recipe. We’ll give you a hint: Try using Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush as your main ingredient!


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