Keukenhof, Holland

There’s nothing that screams springtime more loudly than the blooming of flowers after a long winter. All around the world, you’ll find colorful blooms transforming everything from cities to deserts in the spring months. Check out some of the most beautiful blooms from the south of France down to Chile’s Atacama Desert and get inspired to plan some flower-chasing trips in the future.

Mexico City, Mexico

From late April through early June the blossoming jacaranda trees add a magical purple haze to the streets of Mexico City.

Surprisingly, jacaranda trees aren’t native to Mexico. Over time, this fact has sparked many legends as to the origin of these lilac beauties in the country. But regardless of their origin, these trees have thoroughly ingrained themselves into Mexico City’s springtime identity.

If you want to see them from above, have a cup of coffee at the cafe on the eighth floor of the Sears building overlooking Palacio de Bellas Artes. When you’re ready to go for a jaunt beneath the trees, head to Chapultepec Park and walk, bike or paddleboat on the lakes with stunning views of the jacarandas all around. 

Lake Como, Italy

Few places are as picturesque as Lake Como even on its grayest of days. But visit in April and May and you’ll find this majestic lake cushioned all around by beautiful blooms of azaleas, rhododendrons and wisteria. The pinks and purples burst from trees, line the waterfront walkways and hang down the sides of stone buildings. 

Lake Como has 24 towns perfect for leisurely strolls during the day. If you’re looking for a longer adventure, check out the Greenway of Lake Como, a 6.5-mile hiking trail that leads through lovely gardens and villages. Biking, kayaking and nearly every other land or sea activity are also possible at Italy’s third-largest lake. 

Namaqualand, South Africa

While August and September are more synonymous with early autumn in the northern hemisphere, at the southern tip of Africa, these months are very much the blossoming start of spring. In Namaqualand, South Africa, a super-bloom happens nearly every year after the rains soak the desert floor. 

While other countries specialize in one particular flower, Namaqualand is full of thousands of species that carpet the ground in electric shades of orange, blue, yellow, you-name-it. The best way to explore the region is by car but don’t forget to hop out and go for strolls amongst the blooms. If you’re looking for more action, check out canoeing and rafting adventures on the Orange River. 

Keukenhof, Holland

You couldn’t have a springtime bloom list without including Keukenhof. These famous tulips are a huge attraction for this tiny Dutch town about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam. And they absolutely live up to the hype. When you enter Keukenhof you’re instantly surrounded (and I mean surrounded) by tulips of every hue. 

You’ll happily be able to spend hours walking through Keukenhof’s nearly 80 acres of tulip gardens planted in bright, beautiful designs and patterns. 

The park is open in 2021 from March 20th until May 9th.

Provence, France

Another big name on the wildflower scene, Provence is globally known for its eye-pleasing (and nose-pleasing!) fields of lavender. Lines of purple undulate through the valleys in southern France while the calming scent floats on the breeze. These flowers are best enjoyed on foot— wander between the rows and let the lavender calm all of your senses. The adorable French villages in the region are also perfect for strolling in between visits to the lavender fields. 

Don’t forget your camera in Provence during late June and early July when the fields are in bloom. This might be one of the most picturesque locations on Earth at that time.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Representing South America on the springtime flower scene, Chile’s Atacama Desert turns into a multicolored wonderland of blooms once every five to seven years on average. It might not happen often, but for true flower-enthusiasts, it can’t be beat. If you hope to catch one, keep your calendar open between September and November.

When the super-bloom happens, this normally monotone, arid region is entirely transformed into a surreal display of color and life. Purple, yellow, and white flowers bloom across the wide, open spaces as far as the eye can see. If you’re lucky enough to experience the Atacama Desert super-bloom for yourself, be sure to enjoy any of the long treks that are plentiful in the region.


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