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By the end of March, gardeners are dying to get outside, plant and see some greenery or blooms. You don’t have to go far to do that, but if you do travel outside your comfort zone, you might see a natural wonder that is really unique. 

So, plant people: we’ve chosen places from all over the world for you to plan your spring trip around. All are located near towns or cities where there is lots more to do. 

1. Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka, Japan)

Hitachi Seaside Park

True-blue flowers are rare, and fields full of them are rarer. Located in the Pacific-facing town of Hitachinaka, Hitachi Seaside Park is most famous for its nemophila flowers, more colloquially known as baby blue-eyes. Over four million of them bloom each spring. Visit in April for peak baby blue-eyes views, and stick around for the narcissuses and tulips that also fill the gardens. 

2. Le Jardin Secret (Marrakech, Morocco)

Le Jardin Secret

Not all plant people are flower people. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features two courtyard gardens: the Islamic garden, made up of plants mentioned in the ​​Quran, and an exotic garden, full of citrus trees and plants from around the world. Houseplant people can find some of their favorite palms, succulents and bromeliads growing naturally out of doors, and all can enjoy the beauty of the greenery and architecture. 

3. The Chelsea Flower Show (London, England)

chelsea flower show

England is full of gorgeous gardens of all types—we couldn’t just choose one. So we chose an event that brings gardeners together from all over the world: the Chelsea Flower Show. Located in the heart of London, this century-old garden event draws international crowds. Take in beautiful show gardens by famous designers, buy plants from knowledgeable nurseries, and attend talks, demonstrations and concerts in the evening. This year, the show takes place from May 24 – 28. 

4. The classical gardens in Suzhou, China

Humble Administrator's Garden

Talk about a garden city. There are 69 preserved gardens in Suzhou that represent Chinese landscape garden design from the 11th-19th centuries. Eight of the finest gardens were selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Visit any of the eight to take in traditional ponds, bamboo, pavilions and rockeries. Don’t miss the Azalea Festival at the Humble Administrator’s Garden in spring, where hundreds of rare azaleas are displayed. 

5. The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco (Mexico City, Mexico)

floating garden in mexico

This unique botanical environment can be found in southern Mexico City! Hop into a trajinera, a colorful gondola-style boat, and ride through canals past several floating gardens. The gardens are called Chinampas, an ancient Aztec agricultural technique of man-made fields in water. The Chinampas are anchored with willow trees and planted with vegetable and flower crops. Enjoy the views and buy some food or flowers along the way. 


About The Author

Eve Legato is a writer, seasoned traveler, and self-care advocate. She likes her vacations like she likes her tea: warm and rejuvenating.

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