With fewer COVID restrictions limiting large-scale celebrations, 2022 is a good year to travel and experience another culture’s Pride. We’ve put together a starter list of famous festivals all over the world. Different cultures hold Pride at different times of year, so maybe you can even hit up more than one!

São Paulo, Brazil. (June)

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The largest pride procession in the world, past São Paulo Pride parades have attracted over 2.5 million attendees. From Consolaçao Street to Roosevelt Square, marchers walk, dance and samba their way through the route in this epic celebration of identity. Look for afterparties in the queer-friendly neighborhoods of Largo do Arouche and Frei Caneca.

Tel Aviv, Israel. (June)

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As the most secular city in Israel, Tel Aviv boasts excellent nightlife and a beach culture. All that gets channeled into their Pride festival, which includes celebrations at several of the city’s gay bars, a drag festival at Meir Park and, of course, a parade. The route ends at the beachfront Charles Clore Park, where an afterparty runs through the night.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. (July/August)

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The only thing better than a Pride parade? A Pride parade on boats! Amsterdam’s Pride festival is most famous for the Canal Parade, where roughly 80 decorated boats float down the Prinsengracht canal, with the public watching on both sides. Fill the rest of your weekend with the many street parties that take place all over town.

Taipei, Taiwan. (October)

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Taiwan’s status as a mecca for the queer community in Asia has only increased since the nation legalized gay marriage in 2019. The parade itself is an example of Pride with little commercialization, as few corporations sponsor floats for the march. The festival includes an official gay pride village in front of Town Hall that features live shows and a post-parade party.

Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. (March)

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Yes, Sydney Pride is bigger, but the ChillOut Festival in Victoria’s queer-friendly town of Daylesford offers something different. It aims for the LGBTQIA community of Australia to band together and celebrate themselves. There is a parade, but there’s also a carnival, a barbeque and a bush dance (similar to a line or square dance). Expect lots of cowboy hats and small-town flavor.


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