We all know summer people. You know, the people who wait all year to swim and barbeque. And then there are people who hate being sweaty, who spend June, July and August pining for cold breezes, hot beverages and sweater weather. 

Cool-weather people, we see you! We want you to enjoy your summer, too. We’ve put together a list of summer travel options that will bring you to your ideal temperature. 

Of course, “cooler” is relative, depending on where you live. A person who lives in Florida, New Orleans or Phoenix only needs to go a few states north for a change of pace. For the purpose of this list, let’s assume that you are experiencing 80-95°F summer days. Here are some destinations that will cool you down. 

Ireland and Scotland

Peak summer temperatures hit Ireland in July—but luckily for you, that means 68° Fahrenheit, with sun lasting late into the evening. Average maximum temperatures in Scotland are similar, approximately 59-63°F. 

A trip to Ireland and Scotland could mean any type of adventure. You can have a nature-filled experience by visiting ethereal sites like Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Slieve Bloom and the Giant’s Causeway. Or you can plan an urban trip around food, arts and music festivals in cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Galway and Cork. 

Chile and Argentina

Want to experience winter in the summertime? Travel south of the equator. Both Chile and Argentina are long countries with different climates, depending on location. How cold you want to get depends on where exactly you visit. 

For slightly cooler—but not frigid—weather, visit the Salta province in Argentina (with highs in the low 70s and lows in the 40s) or the Atacama Desert in Chile (highs around 54°F and lows around 32°F). 

If you want to go full winter, ski in the Andes Mountains! Ski resorts abound in both countries, offering resorts, beginning to pro slopes and boarding/tubing options. Additionally, consider visiting Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, a Unesco World Heritage sight with breathtaking views.

Botswana and South Africa

If you want to see wildlife, summer is a good time to visit the southernmost countries in Africa. According to Natural World Safaris, July is prime time for viewing leopards in South Africa’s game reserves. The mild daytime temperatures in South Africa (roughly 59°F) also make walking safaris more manageable than they might be in South African summer. 

Botswana is the site of the Moremi Game Reserve, the first wildlife sanctuary to be created by an African tribe on their own lands. It is another excellent site for safari, especially the dry season in July and August, when the animals group together near water sources. Temperatures in the afternoon range in the 70s. 

Remember, our summer is winter in both of these countries, so make sure to bundle up for mornings and evenings when the temperature drops. 

Iceland and Greenland

Here is another trip for natural beauty of the cooler variety. Though there are a few outliers, summer temperatures in Iceland average in the 50s. Visit the hot springs, drive the Golden Circle or see the sights in Reykjavik while wearing long sleeves. 

From Iceland, grab a short flight to the less tourist-packed Greenland. Take it in during one of the few months when it’s green! With its sparse population and infrastructure, the best way to see Greenland is with an experienced guide. Join a hiking tour of Arctic villages or among enormous glaciers or sail on a coastal cruise to see as much of the island as possible, and hopefully some whales, too! Greenland is a huge island, so depending on where you are, temperatures vary between 50°F and much colder. 


About The Author

Eve Legato is a writer, seasoned traveler, and self-care advocate. She likes her vacations like she likes her tea: warm and rejuvenating.

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