Outside, the leaves have become fiery and the air is crisp. The seasons are changing, and it’s the perfect time to visit new places and gain new experiences. When you make travel plans this fall, head out to gorgeous destinations that benefit your health. Places with water are the perfect additions to your travel checklist.

Whether natural or artificial, water destinations can help improve your overall health. Here’s why traveling to a body of water benefits the brain and body.

Relaxation for the mind and body 

There’s a natural human attraction to water. People are drawn to it and often find happiness near large lakes or oceans. It’s not just the sight of it—everything from the gentle sound of waves to the sparkling light on the water’s surface relaxes people.

Plenty of research has shown being near water benefits mental health. It can ease anxiety, lower blood pressure and promote relaxation. Large areas of water also take you away from the bustle of urban scenes, which can help recharge your mind and body.

For your fall vacation, go to a beautiful place with lots of water. The year is ending and it’s time to unwind. Let go of your worries and relax by keeping yourself near water.

Offers low-impact exercise

Just walking while underwater can be a significant exercise because of water resistance. It takes you extra strength to move, but doing so doesn’t strain your joints because of buoyancy. Being in the water is the perfect way to perform low-impact exercises.

You can increase the health benefits of being in the water by exercising more. Aside from water walking, do other aquatic activities like swimming and water aerobics. These exercises can significantly help with heart health — especially for older individuals — which can assist in preventing around 80% of early deaths caused by heart disease.

Exercising regularly in low-impact settings like water can decrease the risk of cardiovascular issues. While on vacation, you can add more adventure to your swim workout. Try things you can’t do at your local pool, like surfing or water skiing.

Relieves pain

This fall, take a dip at a spa, jacuzzi or hot spring. Soaking your body in hot water is incredibly relaxing and can do wonders for relieving body pain. Hot water can ease your joints and increase your range of motion, relieving those with arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Bathing in hot water can also decrease stress, promote relaxation and help you get a good night’s sleep. Remember not to stay submerged for too long—a 15 to 20-minute soak is just right.

There are many theories stating why being near water makes us happier. Whatever the reason, resting by and interacting with water are great activities to boost your health.

For your vacation this autumn, add places with water to your itinerary. Whether you sightsee at a waterfall or take a dip at a local hot spring, it will help you improve your overall well-being.


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Beth is the content manager and Managing Editor at Body+Mind. She is passionate about writing about travel, fitness, nutrition and mental health. In her spare time, Beth enjoys going for runs with her dog and trying out new recipes.

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