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Surfing in Costa Rica

Remember The Endless Summer, the film that first introduced us to the excitement of the “surf-and-travel” culture? Bruce Brown’s 1966 classic followed two surfers on their worldwide quest to find the best surf spots. For many surfers, recreating a modern day Endless Summer would be the ultimate vacation. But before you grab your GoPro and book a plane ticket, make…

Affordable travel to Santorini

We all love a good vacation. But between airfare, hotels, eating out, and spending money, going away isn’t always in in the budget. Fortunately, there are some places where you can enjoy a healthy and fun getaway without breaking the bank. Here are some top destinations for a healthy traveler on a budget. Berlin, Germany Germany’s capital city and cultural…

Mosquito carrying Zika Virus

Since entering the public health spotlight during the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Zika virus has become a major concern for travelers everywhere. You’ve likely seen images of workers spraying pesticides and the devastating effects the virus can have on the youngest members of our society. But who’s at risk, where should you avoid traveling, and what precautions should you take?…


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