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How to Find a Hostel

Planning a trip can often feel overwhelming. Whether it’s the struggle of coordinating all the details or stress from all your expenses adding up, you might feel like you could use a vacation from planning your vacation. Luckily, for many travelers, it's possible to take some of the stress out of planning by choosing budget-friendly room accommodations like hostels, room…

Smart Suitcase

2018 is around the corner and that means it's time to start planning your next adventures. Wherever you might be going next year, it can help to have some handy gadgets with you as you go. One of the best things you can do for an upcoming trip is to figure out what you might need while traveling to your…

Safety tips for traveling and viewing solar eclipse

On August 21, the Great American Solar Eclipse will dominate the skies. For a brief moment, the sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon as both pass over the U.S. To see the total eclipse, you will need to be within 60 - 70 miles of the path. As the sun and moon pass over a certain location, the…

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