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Ice cave Iceland healthy travel

It’s likely you’ve heard about Iceland as a travel destination more and more in recent years. If you’re like me and on social media, you’ve probably seen breathtaking photos or many a drone video panning over its hot springs more times than you can count. For those reasons, or if you’re looking for your next international adventure, Iceland can be…

When it’s time to choose a city or country to study abroad in, there are a number of factors to take into account—your field of study, maybe your ancestry … and an important factor is what you’ll be doing outside the classroom. Being a global center for fashion, finance, art and culture, London offers a lot for someone passing through,…

Safety tips for traveling and viewing solar eclipse

On August 21, the Great American Solar Eclipse will dominate the skies. For a brief moment, the sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon as both pass over the U.S. To see the total eclipse, you will need to be within 60 - 70 miles of the path. As the sun and moon pass over a certain location, the…

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