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Traveling with Heart Disease

Traveling is stressful in general, and for those with heart disease it can pose an even bigger challenge. But having heart problems doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out on the next family vacation or island getaway. With proper preparation and care, travelers with heart disease can easily enjoy a comfortable and healthy vacation alongside their loved ones. Here…

Laptop Ban on Airline Flights

Air travel to the United States soon could become much more inconvenient if an expected expansion of the ban on laptop computers goes into effect. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security are meeting to discuss banning all laptop computers and larger electronic devices from carry-on baggage for any flight departing from Europe to the United States. Here’s what you…

Top Tips from Frequent Business Travelers Business travel has its own unique challenges. Unlike traveling for vacation where you can go with the flow, you have responsibilities and commitments to keep. You need to be there on time, show up at your meetings looking well-groomed, get enough rest to be on the top of your game, and find the time…

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