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John Lennon Wall Prague

One of the greatest attributes of the city of Prague, Czech Republic, is how easy it is to explore and get around on foot. In fact, to get to one site, you end up passing several others on the way there. And for those places you just cannot muster up the strength to get to, you can usually view them…

Czech Szriskes

This Czech version of chicken schnitzel is a traditional meal usually served at dinnertime. Normally fried in oil, this lightened up baked version gives you the same crispy, crunchy crust, without all the extra calories. Heart healthy olive oil helps the crunchy coating along, and provides beneficial monounsaturated fats. Serving these Szriskes alongside a peppery and fresh arugula salad, rather…

Charles Bridge

For our next stop on our healthy tour, we’re visiting one of the most charming, beautiful, and historic cities in central Europe: Prague. Even though the city is over 1,100 years old, Prague’s traditional culture remains very much in tact—which is exactly what makes it so enchanting in a fairytale-esque way. While the ancient history of Prague continues to permeate…

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