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Exploring Cambridge, England

Located about 60 miles from London, Cambridge makes for an excellent day trip and is a worthy travel destination in its own right. Spend a short time there and you’ll quickly discover why it is considered one of the loveliest towns in England. Cambridge is chock full of exquisite architecture, lush gardens, and postcard-perfect streets, and exudes a youthful energy…

Vegan Meals Carrot Dog

Traveling as a vegan requires a lot of planning. Unlike some travelers, you usually can’t just play it by ear and hope that whatever restaurant you choose on the spur of the moment will have vegan options.  You have to research restaurants, browse menus, and ultimately figure out what best fits your lifestyle. Unfortunately, this also means that your options…

Affordable travel to Santorini

We all love a good vacation. But between airfare, hotels, eating out, and spending money, going away isn’t always in in the budget. Fortunately, there are some places where you can enjoy a healthy and fun getaway without breaking the bank. Here are some top destinations for a healthy traveler on a budget. Berlin, Germany Germany’s capital city and cultural…

Tikka Masala

Though the origins of Tikka Masala have been much disputed, the popularity and deliciousness of this dish is indisputable. Normally made with chicken swathed in a creamy and spicy tomato sauce, Tikka Masala straddles the divide between British and Indian cultures, and remains a popular dish in both cuisines and cultures. In this recipe, vegan protein replaces chicken, and light…


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