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Pasta Dish

I know what you’re thinking. A trip to Italy equals endless amounts of delicious pasta...which also happens to equate to needing a new wardrobe when you return home. But despite the delicious foods Italy is known for—pizza, fettuccine Alfredo, bread—Italian cuisine is more diverse than most people realize. In fact, it even has a Mediterranean flare to it; you’ll find…


So we’re well aware that Oktoberfest is known for its overabundance of beer and Bavarian sausages. And that it’s one of the rowdiest, most celebrated events in the world; almost six million people travel to Munich each year for the main celebration, not to mention the millions of others who attend local events held concurrently in other countries. While a…

Compared to many countries in Europe, Sweden is not greatly affected by tick-related problems. However, when involved in any outdoor activity in Sweden during the summer, it is worth keeping in mind that the Swedish forests and grasslands do have ticks, with can carry associated diseases such as Borrelia and TBE (tick-borne encephalitis). Cases of TBE are confined mostly to…

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