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When you think of a cruise, you likely think of a massive ship complete with pools, many restaurants, and a variety of entertainment hopping from one tropical locale to another. But, when it comes to river cruising, it’s a much different picture. River cruises, a booming travel trend this year, have a boatload of differences from ocean cruises. River cruise…

Big Five Marathon

There are few sports that allow you to exercise and see the world at the same time. But, running features that unique perk – you can lace up and get your legs moving while sightseeing in a way traditional tours can’t offer. Whether it’s just a trip to a particular city or a race you’re in search of, here are…


Yes, you read that correctly. For our next stop on our healthy days tour, we’re visiting a small city in the Netherlands that has a big reputation around the world: Amsterdam. Now despite what you may have heard, there’s more to the city than untraditional “coffee shops” and the red-light district—and we’re going to prove it to you. As modern…

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