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Secret Ski Towns

Finding the perfect ski resort that offers everything you need from fresh powder to tasty hot cocoa is pretty easy when there are so many well-known, famous resorts throughout the world. But if you are looking for a great resort minus the huge masses of tourists, finding the best spot for a winter getaway might be a little harder. These…

Yoga gurus practicing on water

On your next vacation, why not combine your passion for travel and yoga? Schools and retreats across the world offer training programs to students who wish to become instructors. It’s a chance to embark on a yoga journey to the destination you’ve been dying to cross off your bucket list, and maybe jumpstart a new career—or at least a cool…

Vegan Meals Carrot Dog

Traveling as a vegan requires a lot of planning. Unlike some travelers, you usually can’t just play it by ear and hope that whatever restaurant you choose on the spur of the moment will have vegan options.  You have to research restaurants, browse menus, and ultimately figure out what best fits your lifestyle. Unfortunately, this also means that your options…

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