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Street Food Vendor

From Berlin to Bangkok, traveling the streets of the world’s most vibrant cities puts you nose-to-vendor-cart with some of the most delicious meals you could ever hope for. There’s no need to plunk down a lot of cash at a fancy restaurant when visiting a new location to experience the best cuisine a city or country has to offer. Instead,…

World Travelers and Experts’ 2016 Travel Predictions

Each year, we see trends in health, fitness and fashion splashed across magazines and runways. But those aren’t the only industries with trends. The travel industry is constantly emerging with new trends, whether it’s where people are flocking to for vacations or how they’re traveling and vacationing. And 2016 is no different. This year, there are several travel trends that…

Want to Vacation in Cuba? Not so Fast.

There has been no shortage of news headlines about Cuba lately, which is all due to the improving relations with the U.S. Back in December, President Barack Obama made the historic announcement that diplomatic relations with Cuba would be reopened after decades of isolation between the two countries. Some people rejoiced. Some people got angry. And a lot of folks…

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