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Have you ever tried to have a rational conversation with an angry toddler at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic? It probably wasn’t a pretty picture. As the holiday season approaches, more families with young children will be on airplanes to visit friends and family. It can be a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, but it requires a lot…

[caption id="attachment_13010" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda. Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda.[/caption]

“Lions on the runway!” a voice yelled over the speakers on Susan Eckert’s plane. She was finally about to land in Kenya for her African Safari adventure. But, when the plane approached the airstrip, they saw them – lions lying on the airstrip. As the pilot pulled the plane back up, he told her and the 16 others on the plane that the lions loved to lie on the warm sand of the runway.

For as long as she can remember, Eckert was fascinated with Africa. It was something about the exotic animals and the people there – she wanted to go to Africa.

Yoga Machu Picchu

If you’re trying to stay healthy and fit this year, the idea of squeezing in a workout during vacation might have you a bit stressed. So how can you ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing travel? Make it the focus of your trip. There are plenty of incredible resorts and spas that place an extra emphasis on fitness…

Active travel comes in many forms: biking through Italy's wine country, white water rafting in Costa Rica, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro and everything in between.  Despite the variation in intensity, these trips share a common bond. Whether you're a novice or a virtual pro, you must adequately prepare for your adventure vacation or it's likely to take its toll on both…

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