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Exploring Cambridge, England

Located about 60 miles from London, Cambridge makes for an excellent day trip and is a worthy travel destination in its own right. Spend a short time there and you’ll quickly discover why it is considered one of the loveliest towns in England. Cambridge is chock full of exquisite architecture, lush gardens, and postcard-perfect streets, and exudes a youthful energy…

World Travelers and Experts’ 2016 Travel Predictions

Each year, we see trends in health, fitness and fashion splashed across magazines and runways. But those aren’t the only industries with trends. The travel industry is constantly emerging with new trends, whether it’s where people are flocking to for vacations or how they’re traveling and vacationing. And 2016 is no different. This year, there are several travel trends that…

[caption id="attachment_13010" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda. Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda.[/caption]

“Lions on the runway!” a voice yelled over the speakers on Susan Eckert’s plane. She was finally about to land in Kenya for her African Safari adventure. But, when the plane approached the airstrip, they saw them – lions lying on the airstrip. As the pilot pulled the plane back up, he told her and the 16 others on the plane that the lions loved to lie on the warm sand of the runway.

For as long as she can remember, Eckert was fascinated with Africa. It was something about the exotic animals and the people there – she wanted to go to Africa.


When it comes to adventure travel, the possibilities are just about endless. And while there are places that should definitely be on any thrill-seeker’s bucket list, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few new ones. According to the National Geographic’s “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List,” here are some of the lesser-known places you’ll definitely want to check out: The Kokoda Trail,…

The global economy remains shaky, Europe can be considered to be in a state of flux and there are plenty of people who still obsess over their perceptions of the inconvenience of air travel, but apparently that’s not going to keep many people at home this summer. A new report from the trade group Airlines For America forecasts that this…

In our first post, we discussed the plans you  need to make and items that you need to bring  in order to get the most out of your adventure trip.  In addition to having the right clothing and equipment, it is equally necessary to be physically prepared for your adventure.  Training for an active vacation is similar to training for…


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