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The winter sports season is here, meaning it’s time to hobnob with jet setters at the world’s greatest ski resorts – how awesome does that sound? A winter vacation on the slopes can be just about the perfect dose of “healthy travel” - skiing and snowboarding are not only fun; they’re great forms of exercise. Downhill skiing, though it takes…

Whistler, British Columbia

There’s nothing more enticing than the typical greasy cafeteria fare—pizza, hamburgers, fries, etc.—that’s kept lukewarm under a tiny little light bulb at the standard ski resort. And I say that with all of the sarcasm in the world. But even though you’ll eat just about anything after a thrilling morning on the slopes, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality…

The XXI Olympic Games will commence tomorrow in Vancouver, Canada.  If you are one of the 2.3 million people expected to descend on British Columbia you should familiarize yourself with the recommended hospitals and emergency information.  You could be perfectly healthy when you arrive, but the elements and the large volume of people in crowded areas will expose you to…

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