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Shepherd's pie on plates with green salad

Common throughout the United Kingdom, shepherd’s pie was originally devised as a way to use up leftover meat. Now a delicious dish in its own right, I’ve re-worked this versatile recipe with a creamy and cheesy cauliflower topping to replace the traditional potato mash. Despite its humble appearance, cauliflower boasts an impressive nutritional profile. High in fiber to improve digestive…


Galettes are a classic French dish that can be topped with any number of ingredients. Don’t let the thought of making your own dough deter you from making this delicious recipe. This half whole wheat half all-purpose flour dough is both forgiving and easy to make. Feel free to substitute whatever cheese you like in this recipe, and mix and match the veggies.


Traditionally served as a roll wrapped in rice paper, this Vietnamese classic tastes just as good in a simple to assemble salad. Naturally gluten free rice noodles serve as the base for lots of bright and healthy vegetables, protein packed tofu, and a creamy peanut dressing you’ll want to put on everything. This super hydrating salad is light yet satisfying, and comes together in only 20 minutes. Healthy and delicious in a flash!


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