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Plane flying over snowy mountains

The holiday season is characterized by parties, shopping, gift wrapping and family gatherings. You can also argue that this season is also notorious for waiting in line, spending, traffic and crowds. This is especially true when it comes to traveling during the holidays. Thanksgiving especially is when the traffic and crowds associated with travel hit an all-time high, with people…

Your Step-by-Step Gide to Traveling with Pets In 2016 it seems the trend of bringing your pet along for the ride is on the rise. But how to do such a thing responsibly, and in a way that has minimal stress on the animal, is a hot topic. As someone who has put my cat through two relocations (Canada to…

pictured is an ambulance to represent travel insurance.

If you consider travel insurance to be an extra unnecessary expense, you’re not alone. Travel insurance has a bad rep around the world, with most people lamenting over paying for something they probably won’t end up needing. However, life’s full of unexpected events – and those events don’t need to be catastrophic to ruin a trip. You never know when…

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